Legacy Continues to Beg

Legacy Statue, Melbourne.

Legacy Statue, Melbourne.

Sometimes things just don’t make any sense. In April I wrote a post about the Kings Park boards refusal to allow a legacy statue to be erected in the War Memorial precinct of King Park. After public outcry on several talk back radio programs I just assumed the situation would be resolved, especially as Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance has a similar statue taking pride of place next to the Shrine and much loved The Man and the Donkey statue. They even went so far as to place the statue in a beautiful rose garden. So imagine my surprise today when I listen to the radio and found that the problem had not been resolved. In fact the Kings Park Board have given them three locations in which they can erect the statue, which frankly I find unacceptable (and are no where near the precinct). I can not imagine any Digger having an issue with having a statue erected on behalf of Legacy. It is such a shame. I think the board should consult the RSL or at least the Diggers about anything concerning the War Memorial Precinct. Which, lets face it , is for the people who gave of themselves to protect this country. LEST WE FORGET!

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