Dear God, What Next ?

I’ve heard it all now, an art gallery at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead is being taken to court because one of their exhibitions displayed a statue of Jesus with an erection. Holy indecency. The main argument in the prosecution is “had the statue been of Mohammad rather than Christ, there would have been a far greater outcry”. I am thinking Yes ( ain’t that right Salman ?). The culprit is controversial artist, Terence Koh, who also included Mickey Mouse and ET with erections in the exhibition (but they escaped the wrath). Hmm the maximum fine for outraging public decency is six months prison and a £5,000 fine. Gee, if that is the case imagine how many sculptors we could get off the streets!


Who’s A Naughty Boy Then ?

King Edward VII StatueKing Edward VII, also known as “Tum Tum”, was Queen Victoria’s son. He, like Prince Charles, was kept waiting to become king, by a very healthy mother. In fact poor old Tum Tum holds the record for the longest heir apparent. When Edward finally took the throne in 1902 he soon became a popular King, despite his indiscretions with numerous women. One of the king’s last mistress’s was believed to have been socialite Alice Keppel, none other than Camilla Parker Bowles great grandmother (apples don’t fall far…). Rumor has it Camilla’s grandmother, Sonia Keppel, was the illegitimate daughter of Edward. Now wont that will give you something to think about next time you see a Edward VII statue?