Truly Appalling

Mountain Man/Man MountainMountain Man/Man MountainMountain Man/Man MountainMountain Man/Man Mountain

I am pretty much lost for words on this one…. This is what the Mountain Man/Man Mountain plaque says…
“Mountain Man/Man Mountain eulogises and mythologises the landscape and people of the Great Western Tiers. He has been cast in concrete and clad with shimmering coloured glass mosaics. Mountain Man’s lips offer a seat to passer-by, highlighting his functionality as a piece of sculptural furniture.”

I kid you not. God only knows what the Great Western Tiers people did to deserve this ! Horrifying isn’t it…would you sit on it’s lips? It looks like an evil urinal. The artist obviously had connections to get this approved.

It reminds me of another horrifying attempt at public art, the Fred and Mary Tree Stumps

Mary Tree Stump

And we all know what happened to FRED !!!!!

IFred Tree Stump

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